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The World of The Lion's Crown

Up until this point, I've primary written science fiction, but fantasy and science fiction are two genres that have become closely associated despite their apparent differences. This is because they are "speculative fiction," a term that encompasses any tale that takes place in a world that is not our own, whether that be a future in which technology has progressed beyond or to the limits of what is currently possible, a past in which things did not unfold as history describes, or a completely made-up fictional world.
The Lion's Crown (Amazon link), the first book of The Emberlyn Chronicles, takes place in the last of these settings, as does much "high" or "epic" fantasy. Today I'd like to share with you some details of that world without, I hope, revealing too many spoilers.
Let's begin with "Earth" as it exists in The Emberlyn Chronicles. What makes the setting unique is the presence of the Hobswood, a vast, nearly impenetrable …

The Lion's Crown: An Excerpt

The following is an excerpt from my new fantasy novel, The Lion's Crown (Amazon link). Sir William Carlyle and his companions have been tasked with exploring the mysterious Hobswood Forest. The party has crossed through the Bleaklands, the bog that rings the forest, and have made camp for their first night inside the wood.

* * * Wraith Smoke
Sir William let out a puzzled grunt. He reached forward to stoke the fire but paused. He was looking beyond it and beyond Sir Alfred, who was sitting opposite him. “A lurking shadow,” he whispered. “The wraith!” Everyone but Owen sprang to their feet. Swords were drawn, but William was at the pile of packs. He pulled out the torches and tossed them to the others. They lit the torches in the fire, but before anyone could act, the dark shape swept toward them. Sir Alfred yelled out as it whipped by him, but his torch was already lit. He lashed out, and the flame licked at the edge of the shadow. A scream like wind rushing through a cavern pierce…

New Release: The Lion's Crown

Hello, all. After writing twelve novels in the science fiction and paranormal genres, I am pleased to announce that my first fantasy novel, The Lion's Crown, is now available! I've wanted to write fantasy for a while now and have started and stopped a few projects. Those others aren't necessarily abandoned, this is just the first fantasy project to come to fruition.
I haven't given up with science fiction either, for those of you who prefer that genre. I have a couple of ideas swimming around and may even be collaborating on a project with an author friend. Stay tuned for updates!
In the meantime, I hope you'll check out The Lion's Crown. It's the first book of a trilogy called The Emberlyn Chronicles, and I'm extremely pleased with how it turned out. Thanks to Alexia Purdy for the great cover! Click here to order The Lion's Crown from Amazon.
It's just 99¢ through the end of the month!

For thousands of years, the Hobswood Forest has repelled all…