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Michael K. Rose is the author of thirteen novels and several short stories. Click on any title to be taken to its Amazon page for reviews and a full synopsis.

The Sullivan Saga: An Epic Science Fiction Adventure
Richard Sullivan is a wanted killer, but when his motives are revealed, Frank Allen, the agent assigned to the case, begins to question his own loyalties. His pursuit of Sullivan takes him across the inhabited galaxy and sets them both on an adventure that will change the course of human history.

The Strange Lands Saga: A Journey into the Unknown
When Will Kelly arrives in Dushara, he can tell he’s no longer on Earth. It may look like Earth, but people and animals from across history have been thrown together by some unknown force. He soon embarks a perilous journey, hoping to uncover the mystery of Dushara and ultimately find a way home. Along the way, he will have to learn how to survive in a cruel land where men live—and often die—by the sword.

The Emberlyn Chronicles: A Hidden World of Magic
For thousands of years, the Hobswood Forest has repelled all attempts to uncover its secrets. Few have entered, and even fewer have returned. Now the king of Emberlyn has organized a new expedition into the wood, and as the explorers battle dark creatures and are drawn into a generations-long war, they will also encounter the most powerful and mysterious entity to ever stalk the forest: the Ember Lion.

Book 2: The Lion’s Crypt (Summer 2017)
Book 3: The Lion’s Court (Autumn 2017)

Other Novels

Provocation (werewolves, paranormal, thriller)
Chrysopteron (hard science fiction, space exploration)
Darkridge Hall (middle grade/YA, paranormal, ghosts)