Sergeant Riley's Account

In the jungles of the planet Edaline, a mysterious species known as the Squamata has long avoided the planet's human colonizers. But as the only survivor of an apparent attack by the Squamata, Sergeant Leonard Riley knows that the government's official version of events is untrue. Now he must make a choice between protecting the government he once proudly served and exposing the lies and corruption of an oppressive regime. 

This stand-alone story serves as a prologue to the science fiction adventure series Sullivan's War. It can also be found in the collection Short Stories.

Length: 10,000 words/40 pages.

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Praise for Sergeant Riley's Account :

"Mr. Rose knocks another one out of the galaxy..."

"Tight, well-written, masterfully formed, this thrill-a-minute ride will keep you glued to your seat until the very end."