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Writing Update, August 2018

Well, it has been a while, hasn't it? I know, I know... I've missed you too!

Anyway, I've been working a bit slowly lately, but I haven't been idle. I'm in the revision process on a new science fiction novel that will be the first part of a series. However, I want each book to be a stand-alone story, and I think book one has a conclusion that will be satisfying enough while also leaving readers wanting more. I guess you all will be the ultimate deciders when it comes to that!

Market Research
Aside from the novel, I'm working on short stories again. I've just finished one, in fact. I'm going to begin submitting to the fiction markets once more to try and get my work in front of new eyes. My goal is to write at least two short stories a month while also working on my novels. It'll mean a lot of hard but hopefully satisfying work. Maybe one day I'll even get accepted by one of the "Big Ones" like those pictured! That would be the fulfillment of a dream I had back when I first started writing, and I regret that I didn't actively pursue it the past several years.

I would like to self-servingly mention that if you've enjoyed any of my books, a review on Amazon would help me out more than you know! It's been pretty hard to get reviews lately, but they're a major factor when people are considering which books to buy.

If you'd like to leave a review, Click here to be taken directly to my Amazon Author Page. Thanks in advance!

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I hope you're all having a great summer!
Michael K. Rose