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Character-Naming Contest

Hello, all! I'm about to begin writing The Lion's Crypt, the second book of The Emberlyn Chronicles, and I'm looking for some great character names! It's a fantasy series, so keep that in mind.

The rules:
1. Names must end with either a "c," a "k," or a "ck." They are intended to be male names.
2. They shouldn't sound too Vulcan; after I came up with my loose rules for the language, I realized that Vulcan names generally end in "c" or "k," so I've been trying to avoid anything that sounds too similar.
3. You may submit up to three names. I need some evil-sounding names among them.

Here are some names used in The Lion's Crown, to give you a feel for what I'm looking for: Faric, Braedok, Karak, Lanioc, Dourok.

The Prize: If I use one of your names, it will appear in The Lion's Crypt and/or the third book of the series, The Lion's Court. You will also receive an ebook copy of the book(s) your name appears in and a mention in the acknowledgements section of the book(s).

Submit your answers and any questions to with "Naming Contest" in the subject line. If you've yet to read The Lion's Crown, you can get your copy here.

This contest ends May 31, 2017.